VERTICAL PANEL SAW SVP145A Automatic, Cut mm.4200×2200

VERTICAL PANEL SAW SVP145A Automatic, Cut mm.4200×2200

SKU: SVP/145-A


Automatic shifting frame pneumatic + Lift-up rollers. Cut mm.4200×2200.
These are vertical panel saws responding to all cutting requirements and offering the best value for money. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, these machines guarantee performances that are typical of higher-category equipments and increase profitability.
The Vertical Panel Saw can cut the following materials:
– Chipboard
– Faced chipboard
– Multistratum
– Solid wood
– Plexiglass
– Polycarbonate
– Plastic materials
– Composite panels, sandwich type (Alucobond, Etalbond, Reynebond, Dibond etc..)
For cutting in vertical and horizontal position.
Heavy duty machine assuring strength with a welded steel frame.
Automatic shifting frame to avoid the cutting of the plastic strips during the horizontal cuts.
Bottom aluminium supports with phenolic soles, for a safe support of the panels, and with Lift-up Rollers for a better sliding of the same.
Automatic displacement of the beam and saw carriage for horizontal and vertical cuttings; these last ones are assured in N. 5 fixed point locking to the frame.
Automatic plunging and returning of saw carriage, with possibility to select the stopping at the end of the cycle or returning to the starting point.
N. 2 feeding speeds: 12-24 mts/1′.
-Automatic shifting frame: PNEUMATIC.
-Wall version.
-Short piece cutting device.
-N? 4 positioners for horizontal cuttings.
-N? 2 Stops for vertical cuttings.
-Sliding support for narrow pieces.
-Lift-up Rollers.
-All standard accessories: safety device, soundproofing, set service tools, user?s manual.

Max. length of cut :mm 4200
Max. height of cut :mm 2200
Max. height of horizontal cut :mm 2080
Max. depth of cut :mm 60
Motor output :HP 6
Blade diameter :mm 250
Blade speed :rpm 5300
Volt.380-400/50 (Upon request also Special Voltages)
Overall sizes mm.5600x1700x3150 (h)
Beam package mm.3100x1130x1150 (h) / weight kg.500
Frame package mm.5610x220x2350 (h) / Weight kg.495

P.S.: Machine pre-arranged be connected to an independent dust collection.
On request: version with Electronic Positioning System for horizontal cuts.