The new series of beam saws are characterized by a sturdy structure, able to support the heaviest cutting conditions.
They have been designed to be used with short set up and working time.
Very high speeds of the saw carriage (with rack tow) and the pusher, external scoring uni adjustment, pneumatic blade change, grooving and system, many other equipments and accessories.
Even the external BAS covers, studied to be quickly open and close, are very practical and give an appealing shape to the machine.
The scoring unit of the Postforming version with mm.300 blade lifts up to mm.70 with controlled forward speed to obtain a perfect scoring operation and avoid chippings, thanks to the prismatic guides.

Tha blade and the scoring units, during their lifting, roll on prismatic guides with sliding blocks with continued streamed balls to guarantee a perfect accuracy during the different lifting of the blade and the scoring in the postforming function.

The grooved clamping bar, for the rear cut of panels, allows the clamps to reach dimensions of mm.30; everything is safe because the panels are pressed by the whole power of the main clamping bar.

The clamps are throught to get the maximum power and the smallest size to be able to cut transversally mm.50 wide pieces, also.
During the setting-up of the machine, the alluminium support is trimmed by the blade so that the unit is perfectly parallel to the cut line.

Detail of the base with the two “closed ring” juncture heads to avoid every bending which could be dangerous for the accuracy and the quality of the cut.

The saw carriage advances by rack to be extremely flowing and avoids dangerous vibrations made by chain and cable which could damage the quality of the cut; this way the cut is perfect.

In order to avoid damages due to accidental collision, the lifting table is installed in a separated way to the pusher guides of the machine.

The clamps used with the lifting table can remove the desired stack from the lifting table and then block the panels when they are on the wheeled tables and frontally aligned, thanks to the lower mobile tooth.

Special table with offset wheels are available to help the panel return speed and avoid damages on their surface.

The pusher is guided by two hardened and straightened side guides and kept perfectly parallel by two bars/calibres. The pusher movement, started by motor with max spees of 40 Mt/min. The reading is on encoder or magnetic band.

Rapid pneumatic blade and scoring change is available; for an immediate change of the tools in order to always have them well sharpened for a perfect cut.

The XYLO machines have a different max blade exit according to the type of the machine. The heavy structure of the machines allows to cut easily, without bendeing, a stack of panels with the right pressure of over Kg 2 / sq.cm2.

The operator interface is based on a industrial PC with Windows operating system and is open to all programs and to the “on line” operations and via modem assistance.
The software for the printing of labels with bar codes and its special printer are available.

It is possible to operate single and multiple cuts to perform details without creating an automatic program which could take too much time in relation to the work.
The programming is extremely simple and it is guided to avoid mistakes of the operator.
Optimizing programs of different levels are available, complete with software of data transfer directly to the machine.
Thanks to the power of the PC, it is always possible to check and to remove anomalies of the PLC.
The cutter can be adjusted electronically, storing each adjustment. This way, in addition to very practical adjustment, it is possible to call up those already made.

– Cutting working lenght mm.3200 (Available mm.4500)
– Pusher working depth mm.3200 (Available mm.4300)
– Maximum height of cut mm.65
– Changeable carriage forward speed 6-40 mt/min
– Fixed carriage return speed 70 mt/min
– Main motor power Kw.7,5 (Hp.10) – 50/60 Hz
– Scoring motor power Kw.1,1 (Hp.1,5) – 50/60 Hz
– Pusher maximum speed 25 mt/min
– Main blade diameter mm.300
– Scoring blade diameter mm.150
– Postforming scoring blade diameter mm.250 (Accessories)
– Extraction exits: n.3 mm.150 + n.1 mm.80
– Automatic square aligner whit working stroke
– Frontal air flotation tables
– Rear tables surface with rubber wheels
– Quick pneumatic blade change

– Cutting working lenght mm.4500
– Pusher working depth mm.4300
– Main motor power Kw.13 (Hp.18)
– Postforming scoring unit, motor power Kw.2,2 (Hp.3)
– Blade height with 3 position + automatic grooving position
– Pusher maximum speed 40 mt/min
– Modem to connect “on line” service
– Connection to the factory LAN
– Laser line on the cutting line
– Accessories for plastic materials and non -ferrous metals
– Optimizing software
– Printer for barcode
– Lifting table
– Rollers for side or back loading